Notice to Residents:

"Live" wires:
It has come to the attention of the IVCA Board of Directors, that someone made a comment (during the Children of Indian Village meeting on 9-21-15) about there being "live" wires exposed at the broken monument lights.


As soon as the Board was notified of the vandalism, Brent Davis assessed the situation and shut the power off to the lights.

There are NO live wires exposed!



Mission Statement
"Indian Village Community Association, Inc., strives to make Historical Indian Village a safe and friendly place to live and raise a family, by serving its residents, so as to keep the neighborhood safe, clean, and invitiing, while maintaining healthy property values."

Indian Village is a residential community in the southwest quadrant of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It was first developed in 1927 and is now home to nearly 500 families.  Indian Village Elementary School, Pocahontas Swim Club, and Psi Ote Park, are all located within our neighborhood.  In December of 2009, Indian Village was placed on the National Historic Register.

Indian Village is located close to downtown and in close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, and specialty stores.  Indian Village is a wonderful place to call home and raise a family.

Indian Village Community Association, Inc.,
is an Indiana not for profit corporation.




Protective Covenants
Original 1927
for Section A

Section A Retyped

Section B
Section C
Section D
Section E

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PowerPoint presentation from the Covenants Meetings

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