"Located in the southwest quadrant of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the gently rolling landscape of the district rises from the west bank of the St. Mary’s River across from Foster Park. The district is roughly bounded by Nuttman Avenue on the north, Bluffton Road on the east, Engle Road on the south, and a railroad right-of-way to the west. These man-made boundaries follow the general elevation lines of the topography and help to create the sense of entering a special place, separate and exclusive from any other in the vicinity. This sense is especially heightened during the summer months when the trees that overarch the streets and shrubbery surrounding the residences soften the visual images encountered throughout the community. When walking or driving the curving streets, an observer is transported back ..." read more


On October 28, 2009, the IVCA application, to be placed on the National Historic Register, came before the Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board ...

On December 22, 2009, IVCA officially became part of the National Historic Register



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